The programme of the Salesian Education Centre

The Salesian Education Centre is a resocialization-oriented educational care facility aimed at helping socially maladjusted young people. By opening the facility, we wish to bring help to young men, in most cases those deprived of the fundaments of parental love. Through the Salesian Education Centre we seek to create an educative atmosphere that will allow young people to discover their own values and find in themselves the strength that will enable them to lead a dignified life based on understanding, self-esteem and love for other people. The most basic desire of man is to experience a home, that is to experience a sense of belonging to someone. This experience forms the basis of mental health. The experience of home is when people are accepted for who they are without being emotionally rejected. Our Home, which is located in a secluded place is favorable for reflection, and finding, and understanding the meaning of life.  

The basic principles of the Salesian Education System:

•    The tutor
•    Forms of organization
•    Education
•    Organization of free time
•    Therapeutic classes
•    Gaining independence