About Us

The Salesian Youth Center was founded in September 2002, after reclaiming buildings which have been taken away from us 50 years ago. In the Salesian Youth House we strive to create an educative atmosphere that will allow young people to discover their own values and find in themselves the strength to live a dignified life based on understanding, self-esteem, and love for other people. Our activities are realized in accordance with the educational system found by Saint John Bosco, who not ignoring individual differences, helped young people in tough conditions.    

The system is found upon love, which is gratuitously given to young people, so that it may guide them in their development. It is grounded not in compulsion but in the wealth of intelligence, heart, and good inherent in all people. The key to educational success is pedagogical optimism which allows us to help young people. By spending time with young people, Saint John Bosco seeked to gain insight into their way of being. He concluded that juvenile delinquency can be prevented by eliminating its causes.


The structure of the Salesian Youth House consists of:

- The Salesian Dormitory – it’s designed for 50 pupils who attend the public schools located in the grounds of Różanystok. The pupils living in the dormitory come from various parts of the country.


- The Salesian Educational Center – resocialization-oriented – it’s designed for 150 pupils who come from various parts of the country and who have been directed to the centre on the basis of court ruling. Most pupils come from broken and pathological families


- Primary and Secondary School at the Salesian Educational Centre – the pupils attend to classes in schools located within the territory of the facility.


Location and access


Różanystok is a captivating, secluded place situated in the north-western part of Poland in the Podlaskie province (Sokólski district, Dąbrowa Białostocka community). It is a favorable place for spiritual renewal, and a perfect stopover on the way to Vilnius (there is a possibility of lodging for the night).