Admission rules

The Salesian Education Centre in Różanystok admits boys against whom a competent Family Court for Juvenile Delinquency has ruled educational measures in the form of placement in a rehabilitation institution.

A juvenile against whom the Family Court has applied educational measures by placing him in an educational facility is directed to the centre indicated by the Methodological Centre For Psychological and Educational Assistance in Warsaw by a competent starost (with regard to the place of residence of the juvenile).

 A pupil may be placed in the Salesian Education Centre after completing the following stages:
1.       The decision of the Court to place the juvenile in the Centre.
2.       An indication from the Education Development Centre in Warsaw.
3.       A referral from the education department issued by a competent starost.
4.      The Family Diagnostic and Consultation Centre’s opinion.
5.       A current community interview.
6.       Decision about special education (if has been issued).
7.       A copy of one’s birth certificate.
8.      Medical documentation, including: a medical card and immunization summary, and information about   health insurance.