Elements of the resocialization process

Therapeutic classes


Our pupils take part in therapeutic classes where they learn how to express their feelings and emotions, communicate with other people, and cope with aggression. Completing these classes will allow them to achieve a deeper sensitivity to other people’s problems, and consequently enable the development of personality. All the courses are based on kindness, understanding and respect for young people and their problems. In general, the preventive and education work is aimed at:


  • Exploring personality strenghts
  • Going through experienced difficulties
  • Creating constructivist model of social functioning
  • Fulfiling one’s duty in the society


Therapeutic forms of cooperation with pupils at the Salesian Education Centre


- „Solidarity” group meeting

- Weekly and monthly grade

- Physical work

- Work with animals

- Drama classes

- Art classes

- Sport classes

- Football team

- Cycling trips

- Mountain trips to Zakopane

- Sailing cruises and canoeing

- Excursions

- Film Club

- Prayer