No Borders Youth Festival

 “No Borders Youth Festival”

Is a type of a cultural platform dedicated to teenagers at the Salesian Youth House, resocialization-oriented educational care center, students from primary and secondary schools in Podlasie province and other as well as organized groups from around the world. The festival takes place in May or June, usually it is 4 days long; during those days all groups show their talents and take part in all kind of workshops – painting, sculpturing, theatre, music, dance, photography or circus performing.  They all exchange their talents and try to learn from each other.       During the festival the participants have not only a chance to perform but also to listen to concerts, bond with other people, learn new customs and get to know different cultures. Most of all we focus on broadening the awareness of tolerance and put emphasis on gaining new experience.

After all, we are citizens of ONE world!

We organize the festival in Rozanystok since 2010.