Our mission

Being a good person is not about not making any mistakes, it’s about the will to improve” – Saint John Bosco




The resocialization process at the Salesian Education Centre:


“Us” and our goal


The Salesian Education Centre in Różanystok is a resocialization-oriented educational care centre aimed at helping socially maladjusted young people. The facility brings help to boys deprived of the foundations of parental love. Our staff strives to create an educative atmosphere that will allow young people to discover their own values and find in themselves the strength that will enable them to lead a dignified life based on understanding, self-esteem and love for other people. The Salesian Educational Centre is located in a secluded place, perfect for reflection, finding and understanding the sense of life. It offers protection from detrimental conditions.  


The educational activities are realized in accordance with the educational system formed by the founder of the Salesian Order - Saint John Bosco. It’s a system found upon love, which is gratuitously given to young people to guide them in their development. Instead of being grounded in compulsion, it’s based on the wealth of intellect, heart and good inherent in all people. The key to educational success is pedagogical optimism which allows helping young people, and improving their behavior. By spending time with young people, Saint John Bosco seeked to gain insight into their way of being. He concluded that juvenile delinquency can be prevented by eliminating its causes. The Salesian education system is based on the belief that the most important goal is shaping a religious and ethical personality based on Christian values, which Saint John Bosco expressed in the saying: “an upright citizen and a good Christian”. Father Bosco wanted to empower young people so that they could deal with life problems.         


The tutor


An important element in the system is the presence of a tutor who acts as an animator of group life, and takes part in creating a family-like atmosphere. The tutor participates in the pupils lives, shows active interest in their problems, and tries to get to know their fears and passions. As a guide, he points the criteria and path leading to being able to take up wise and responsible decisions. The pupil is never left alone with his problems. We talk individually with each pupil and organize group sessions. The fact that most of our pupils live in the Centre is favorable for deepening relations and creating truly “home-like” conditions. What is more, the interests of our pupils (for example computer science, sport) are not without significance as they help in discovering one’s inner needs and inner self. Assuming that the family environment plays the most important role for our pupils, our activities are also aimed at (if possible) cooperating with families, or at creating support environments for wards of befriended families.     


Forms of organization


The facility is designed for approximately 40 pupils who will be divided into educational groups. Each group has its own independent rooms which are derived from the whole building. They consist of the pupils rooms and the tutor’s room. Moreover, each group has its own kitchen which may be helpful in developing cooking skills which are important in adult life, and in creating a family atmosphere. The groups also have common rooms – parlors intended for spending free time. The shared rooms also consist of a computer room and gym.  


Education (schools)


The pupils attend to classes in schools operating at the Salesian Education Centre. Each pupil has the possibility of finishing a primary or secondary school.


Organization of free time


In the educational treatment we attach great significance to the way our pupils spend their free time.

  • Sport group: football, table tennis, volleyball, basketball, alpine skiing, horsemanship.
  • Theatrical group: exerts a huge therapeutic significance for example through expressing one’s feelings, creativity, self-realization, making use of one’s talents. The auditorium which may be found in the building creates an opportunity to involve the pupils into preparing theatrical performances.
  • Touristic group: an opportunity for cycling trips and hiking.

Computer group: an opportunity to extend one’s knowledge in the field of computer science – an important element preparing to enhancing one’s possibilities as regards future employment

Gaining independence


The reasonableness of the pupil’s stay in the institution is justified when it prepares the pupil to making responsible decisions in the future, and when it enables a good life start. In the Centre each pupil is covered by a special programme which helps him properly begin to function in adult life. Currently, this is carried out through forming independence groups, in which the pupils are far more responsible for themselves.